Don’t Jeopardise Your Investment

Leather garments usually cost a lot of money. Unfortunately people often don’t realise that dry cleaning leather clothing on a regular basis will protect that outlay.

Leather jackets in particular are often badly worn and heavily soiled before they arrive at the dry cleaners. They have generally been worn for a number of years and may be cracked and stained. This can make them difficult to clean.

We recommend a complete cleaning twice a year, followed by a conditioner and protectant. This will maintain the finish of your garment and extend its lifespan. The extra expense will pay dividends in the long run.

The Cleaning Process

A crucial part of successfully dry cleaning leather clothing is the removal of oil stains and residues such as those found on collars. Part of the removal process involves the loss of natural oils.

These oils lubricate the leather fibres, keeping them soft. However their partial removal can leave garments feeling firmer and lighter in appearance after dry-cleaning.

The dry cleaner therefore needs to put oil back into the garment after dry-cleaning. This softens the garment and brings it back (as near as possible) to its original feel and colour.

Some Dry Cleaning Tips For Leather & Suede

  • Don’t let a garment become heavily soiled before having it cleaned.
  • Have matching pieces, e.g. a skirt and jacket, cleaned at the same time.
  • Give your dry cleaner any care information that came with the garment.
  • Point out any stains and ingrained soiling.
  • Always take items to a specialist leather cleaner.

Turnaround Time & Cost

The leather cleaning process usually takes 5 – 7 working days and prices usually start from $50.00. To give an exact price we will need to see your garment prior to processing.


For more information contact our Mt. Hawthorn or Balcatta branches.
Leather Dry Cleaning