If You Wear It Or Use It We Can Clean It

Professional dry cleaning is a complex process, and all our staff are highly trained in best practice procedures. They can identify, clean and/or finish all your garments using special techniques to give your clothes a fresh, clean appearance.

At Broadway we clean everything from drapes and wedding dresses to clothing such as suits, shirts, ties and skirts. We also clean most materials, including silk, polyester, cotton, rayon, leather and suede.

Got stubborn stains that need removing? We can do that too!

How We Care For Your Garments

  • Pre Inspection – we check for tears, wearing, loose or missing buttons and mark existing stains for pre spotting.
  • Spotting – there are hundreds of different fabrics in the world today. Each has its own chemical makeup, and the choice of cleaning product to use on them is critical. We train our spotters to understand which of the many available products is the best one for your garment. They then apply the necessary degree of steam and vacuum to get the required result.
  • Dry Cleaning – once your garments are ready for dry cleaning, they are sorted by color and fabric content and placed into the dry cleaning machine. The entire process takes about one hour to complete from wash through dry cycles.
  • Minor Repairs – at Broadway we pride ourselves on returning your garments in a complete condition. Loose or missing buttons and loose hems are fixed at no cost. If there is a problem that needs your evaluation, we simply call and ask your permission before proceeding.
  • Finishing – we have the best finishers in Perth. Remember, our job is not to just clean your clothes, our real job is to make you look and feel good. Seams and collars are perfectly pressed and all required creases are done properly. Wrinkles are eliminated and all garments are hand-finished.
  • Quality Control – this is the ultimate step. Before delivery we carry out a final inspection to ensure that everything is as perfect as we can make it. Any tiny visual strings are removed and your garment is returned to you in a poly envelope.


For more information contact our Mt. Hawthorn or Balcatta branches.
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