Life Wasn't Meant To Be Tedious

You’re exhausted after a busy working week. There’s a pile of clothes in the laundry you can’t jump over. The kids are driving you crazy, plus it’s raining outside. So they’ll never get dry in time for work (the clothes that is, not the kids).

What to do?

Call Broadway of course!

What We Offer

Our commercial laundry service is designed to replace one of the world’s most tedious household chores and let you reclaim your life.

We process all underwear, socks, cotton pants, and any other items that can be wet cleaned. Sheets, napkins and household linen are no problem either.

We have a variety of ways to finish your garments. We pre-treat each item for soil or stains as needed and then categorise them for temperature and starch. We also soak Individual items when required.

Our state of the art washers and dryers ensure a quick turnaround for your laundry as well. This way you can confidently plan your clothing requirements for the week.

Finally, to get the best results, our team hand finish all items. Nothing leaves our premises until we are satisfied that it meets our quality guidelines.

And the best news of all? Prices that won’t break the bank!

Before You Go

If you have business shirts among your laundry items, don’t forget our shirt service. This will take care of the ironing, that other bane of working people’s lives.


For more information contact our Mt. Hawthorn or Balcatta branches.
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