How Much Is Your Time Worth To You?

Do you dread ironing your shirts on a Sunday evening, ready for the working week? Do you find yourself thinking “I could be watching the footy or Game of Thrones instead of doing this”? If so, why not try our shirt laundering service?

At Broadway Dry Cleaners we launder all types of shirts. We return your garments to you perfectly clean and crease-free and you will be pleasantly surprised at how little expense is involved.

Pressing Your Shirts

With our commercial laundry background and experience you get a superior level of pressing .

We press all our shirts with steam by hand, using the same care and attention to detail that has been our hallmark since 1926. No shirt machines!

So it won’t just be your dry clean-only clothes that look like a million dollars. Your business shirts and casual shirts will look their best too.

Finishing Your Shirts

We always check your shirts for stains and other faults first. This way we can choose the best shirt laundering process for your garments.

Where necessary, we starch your the shirts to leave a perfectly white finish. We also treat your coloured shirts to ensure that they do not lose any of their sheen or colour.

Each shirt is hand finished and missing buttons replaced to ensure a perfect end result. You can therefore wear our laundered shirts with total confidence.


For more information contact our Mt. Hawthorn or Balcatta branches.
Shirt Service