Dress To Impress On Formal Occasions

Buying evening wear for formal events and balls can be an expensive exercise.  Cleaning it properly for subsequent outings therefore makes good sense.

We understand this at Broadway, and cleaning formal wear has been one of our specialities for many years.

Ball Gowns & Evening Dresses

Cleaning formal gowns, particularly those with beaded finishing, requires skill and expertise.

We take great care in cleaning and finishing your gown. Each garment is pre-spotted and put into an individual net for cleaning. We clean all gowns in a gentle low temp cycle, using a very gentle petroleum based solvent. This enables us to process high fashion garments without disturbing beads and decorative trims. After cleaning the gowns are hung out to air dry.

We have several different ways to finish evening gowns, depending on our analysis of the situation. All items are pre treated for soil or stains as needed, and then categorised for temperature and starch.  We also soak individual items as and when required.

Once dry, each dress is hand pressed. Lastly, we pack all dresses with tissue, which allows them to keep their shape.

Evening Wear Dry Cleaned by Broadway

Dinner Suits & Tuxedos

We are sometimes asked “How often should I clean my dinner suit?”.

The answer is “probably less often than you’d think”. Most woollen suits only need to be cleaned once every 3 months or so to be on the safe side. A dinner suit or tuxedo maybe less often than that, depending on your social life.

That said, there may be occasions when we can help without a full clean. For instance, if you happen to stain your suit in between cleanings just bring it in and we may be able to spot clean it for you instead of cleaning the entire suit. If it’s just rumpled then we can press it for you.

But remember – as is the case with other expensive clothing, always leave the cleaning of evening wear to an expert. At Broadway, our trained staff will take the utmost care with your tuxedo, dress shirts, ties, vests and cummerbunds. We will make sure you shine at your next “Black Tie” event!


For more information contact our Mt. Hawthorn or Balcatta branches.
Evening Wear Dry Cleaned by Broadway Dry Cleaners